The Girlfriend Hour! channel

The Girlfriend Hour!

A weekly meet up of influential women who discuss the juggle of modern-day life for those nearing or in the midst of their middle years; careers, family, leadership, relationships, even hormones! A relatable, often hilarious, always inspiring fireside conversation, led by our incredible host, Shar Moore, with loads of live audience participation. If Ellen, Drew and Bréne had a love child, The Girlfriend Hour would be it.

Shar Moore, brings her humour, honesty and humility to the stage through every day conversations with inspirational women from all walks of life. These conversations explore common, but rarely discussed topics that are relevant to so many today. These conversations are honest, raw and candid, but not without moments of joy, laughter and above all a keen sense of fun.

This is the perfect show to binge with your besties. Grab a glass of wine, order in some take away and tune in to The Girlfriend Hour.