#The Self Love Experience with Gwen Lepard channel

#The Self Love Experience with Gwen Lepard

Inspire yourself through this 365-day LIVE transformation series of Gwen Lepard’s journey to finding self love in her world, so that you can find it for yourself.

Do you know how to love yourself? Can you choose yourself every day no matter how you feel, what's happening in your world, or what other people are telling you about you? Can you show up as you?

Through “The Self Love Experience,” follow Gwen’s insights, introspection, and investigation into what self love is for her. You are invited to view those days where she didn’t feel like loving herself, days that were challenging and fearful, and days where she found the permission to love herself. Live from California to Australia, Canada, Fiji, Hawaii, and more.

The Self Love Experience is a journey of exploration through asking the question “How do I love myself today?” Start your transformation today.