#The World's First Tooth Fairy channel

#The World's First Tooth Fairy

About 25 years ago on a Sunday afternoon, Houston resident Zane Carson Carruth sat down, grabbed a spiral note-book and started writing about a little fairy. As the story unfolded on paper and the little fairy lost the bead on her favorite purse, the toothy fairy story just happened one page at a time. She put the book away with the intention of publishing it at some point. The idea resurfaced several months ago while attending an etiquette certification seminar in Charles, South Carolina. “The instructor had published a children’s book and I gleaned as much information about publishing as I could from her. Since then, The untitled book is about Abella and Darcie getting their first magic wands and their many adventures as they learn to use their new powers. Available in the spring of 2018. For more information. visit www.worldsfirstthoothfairy.com.