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Armed with an intimate folk-tale of a magical sparrow and her own charming presence of mind, purity of purpose and indomitable courage, Jhalki embarks on a relentless journey to find and free her brother. Unaware and ignorant of the deep-rooted corruption and cobwebs of the system, Jhalki takes on the monstrous and the conniving with a purity of pursuit that is at once uplifting and inspirational, impacting 150 million children worldwide.

Keywords: child trafficking; India; Jhalki; Brahmanand S Siingh; Award winning; Foreign film; Art-house; Nobel Peace Laureate; Kailash Satyarthi; feel-good movies; drama; contemporary; auteur; hero’s journey; family adventure; courage; World Cinema; socially conscious; inspirational; uplifting; exotic; child actors; child labor; Sundance screenwriters lab; UK Film Council; Film Festival; International; Indian; universal story; theatrical film; films in hindi language; hero; sister; Taken

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