15Min Back Care Pilates Workout

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Don't turn your back on your back pain! Doing this Pilates back pain relief workout regularly will help to improve core strength, crucial in supporting your back, and stretch out tight leg muscles, to reduce their pull on the lumbar spine. Also great for helping to sciatica relief.

It works... I regularly teach people with back pain who tell me that they see results after just a few classes!

Based on all your amazing feedback, I now offer a 7 Day Back Care Challenge on my website www.kalmpilates.com - and it's only £5 (around $7).

To find out more, have a look here: https://kalmpilates.com/sign-up/

This is what people say:

“I can feel a difference after doing the 7 Day Challenge. My back feels much less stiff, and I feel lighter all over – if that makes sense! My posture also seems better, my husband even commented that I looked taller.”
- Sarah from Bracknell

And I also offer a full 12 week Back Care Programme for £99, which works incredibly well for back issues:

“Sarah – I am currently doing your back care programme… it is AMAZING – thank you! After having two little ones close together and a decade of back issues that have been aggravated by both pregnancies I am over the moon to have found such a wonderful programme that I can do from home. I am already noticing the difference and I am only halfway through! Thanks again x”
- Laura from Bedford

Or if you just want to check out the website have a look here:

Thanks for checking out my Pilates classes and Channel!

x Sarah.

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