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With a heart as big as her smile, Michelle Patterson is one of the trail blazers for the Collaboration Movement for women.

In this Inspired Living Interview, Keri Murphy sits down with Michelle, President of Women Network and the Executive Producer of the California Women's Conference. Keri talks to her about shifting from competing with each other to working together.

"Women Network is the connection into this movement. Women in particular want to participate, they want to help, and they want to give back." says Michelle Patterson. "What magic can happen when women come together? We can do brilliant things!"

Michelle didn't step into this role as Executive Producer without some huge hurdles to overcome. Not only was she coming from a male dominated industry and filling some very large shoes from the incredible Maria Shriver, but she also had to overcome a $ 1.8 Million dollar deficit 17 days before the California Women's Conference.

Watch Michelle Patterson's interview and find out why she thought she had to go through such difficult hurdles and why she was determined not to shut down a 30 year legacy of an event.

Michelle Patterson is a true example of someone who knew she needed to ask for help and realized, "we are better together".

The California Women's conference is better than ever. With 30 years under their belt, Michelle Patterson and her team are committed to not only hosting an incredible event, but continuing to bring this collaboration movement global.

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Oregon is the first state to partner with the CWC. Keri Murphy is the Executive Producer of the Oregon Women's Conference. Keri and her team are looking forward to hosting their second annual conference in July.

To take advantage of some incredible Early Bird Pricing and attend the California Women's Conference and/or the Oregon Women's Conference, click on the links below to purchase your tickets before their prices go up.

Find out more about the California Women's Conference here: http:///

Find out more about the Oregon Women's Conference here:

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