42:47 · 2018

A Look At Derek Rydall’s Teachings On Emergence
Steve, Richard, and Wade have a roundtable discussion about Derek Rydall’s emergence.

Do we have everything we need?
Are you perfect as you are? Explore. Explore. Explore.
How does Elon Musk do so much with the same amount of time we have each day?
What do you say when someone says they are not happy with where they are?

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In This Episode

Derek’s journey to emergence
Having been trapped in the coral, he emerged a different man than the one who first entered the water
From $.19 mac and cheese to a multi million dollar life
The see is already in us
The truth about us being perfect
Chaos vs chaotic
A dynamic state of never ending unfolding
Becoming the change you want to see
Living our truth without being selfish in our own growth
The 5 Abundance Blindspots
Dollar bill & self worth

Resources Mentioned:

URL: The Abundance Project (


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