Galileo’s Famous 3.4-Sec. Sales Pitch

23 minutes · 2018

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Today, you’ll learn three key insights that are critical to making you a highly skilled ethical influencer:

Believability is the toughest sales barrier of all.
It’s important to understand the emotion you’re selling, not just what you’re selling.
You control 83% of the psychology in any sale.
Let me share a quick story from several hundred years ago: people used to believe that a heavier object would fall faster than a lighter one. One day, Galileo dropped two cannonballs and found that they landed at the same time. This was significant because one of the cannonballs weighed twice as much as the other. If it’s hard to believe, try this yourself! Take two things that weigh different amounts (like an almond and a bottle of water) and drop them from the same height. They’ll land at the same time.


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