Three Reasons Why People Buy

23 minutes · 2018

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Today, you’ll learn three key insights that are critical to making you a highly skilled ethical influencer:

• Who you’re selling to is more critical than what you’re selling.
• Framing is the keystone to avoiding unmet expectations.
• Prequalification dramatically reduces sales rejection.

Welcome to the All Selling Aside podcast, brought to you by ! If you want a free demo of the world’s most user-friendly mobile texting software, check out this link . I’m your host, Alex Mandossian , and I’m excited to share potentially life-changing insights into how you can ethically influence others in your personal or professional life.


As you’ll hear in this episode, I’m friends with David Perdew, who runs Novice to Advanced Marketing System (NAMS). In 2015, David hired me to coach him to do two new things: to get pre-registrants for the following year, and to sell a high-end offer.


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