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Christian Mickelsen started out with coaching years ago, as a client. At that point, everything in his life was a mess. His business was a money pit, he worked at a job that he hated just to make money and get by until the business took off, plus he was out of shape and in a dysfunctional relationship. About 9 months after hiring a coach, Christian was earning enough money to support himself, quit his job, ended the relationship and started to get in shape.
These transformations inspired Christian to become a coach himself.  He wasn’t sure if he should or even could do it, but decided to give it a go anyway. With $72k in debt at that point, it was a huge leap of faith, but he did it. Through a lot of trial and error over several years, he learned how to get clients, how to help them succeed and how to grow his business into his own “empire.”
Christian is an author of several books and e-books, including  How To Quickly Get Started As A Personal Coach: Get Paid Big Money To Change People’s Lives, Get Clients Today: How To Get A Surge Of New, High Paying Coaching Clients Today & Every Day  and to be released in August 2017, Instant Miracle: Unleash Your Abundance Now.  He also has several coaching programs, including: Free Sessions That Sell: The Client Sign-Up System, The Rapid Coaching Academy: Professional Coach Training System, Client Attraction & Money Making Mastery, The Coach’s Business Plan Tool Kit, and Coaching Success University. He has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance and MSN.
TUNE IN to this episode as Christian chats with Steve, Mary and Richard chat about getting paid big money to change people’s lives and his mission to get the whole world coached.
In This Episode

1 – He’s a #1 best selling author and a self made multi-millionaire business coach; What do you do with a degree in elementary education?; Challenges people face; Peace is inevitable
2 – Can anybody be a coach?; The book ‘Get Clients Now!’; Speak the language of results; Coaches coaching coaches
3 – Free Sessions That Sell Launch; Steps on how to get clients; The leap from conversation to signing a client; I can’t afford you

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