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Re Perez left the corporate branding world in 2010, after a series of life-changing events. He decided that he wanted to use his time and energy to help brands making a social or economic impact in the world, so he shifted to working with small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Why work with entrepreneurs? As self-motivated risk-takers who believe they can create their own destiny and change the world, they inspire him. They inspire him so much that in January, 2011, Branding for the People was launched – Re’s own agency that helps entrepreneurs. Before long, Branding for the People became the leading branding agency for entrepreneurs and small businesses and have branded some of the most inspiring and influential entrepreneurs in over 45 industries across the globe.
Re helps businesses learn to focus on branding to secure the future trajectory of their business. He believes that branding is the engine behind great marketing. With much Fortune 500 branding experience, including GE Money, Intel, Lilly, Nielsen Company, Motorola, TD Ameritrade and Xerox, Re knows branding.
Re’s goal is to be the global authority on branding for entrepreneurs and small businesses, positively impacting the way people live their lives – from a place of confidence, clarity, authority, market leadership and abundance. He will do this in part by writing books, traveling & speaking on global stages.
TUNE IN to this episode as Re, Steve, Mary and Richard chat about how to reinvent your brand, why you’re doing it all wrong and get some tips for branding – business and personal.
In This Episode

1 – A history in branding for high end companies; It no longer served my purpose; The turning points and not enough gray hair; How Branding For The People came about
2 – Is it necessary to know your purpose before your brand?; Get clear on  your Who, What & Why; Build a brand for where you’re going; Tips for branding – business and personal
3 – Can you stop all your funnels and marketing and still make money?; Capturing one word in people’s minds.; Beyond the Who, What, Where, Why?

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