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10 minutes · 2018

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Welcome to the first episode of the All Selling Asidepodcast, brought to you by MarketingOnline.com ! If you want a free demo of the world’s most user-friendly mobile texting software, check out this link . I’m your host, Alex Mandossian , and I’m excited to share potentially life-changing insights into how you can ethically influence others in your personal or professional life.


The reason this podcast is called All Selling Asideis that it’s not about selling. Instead, it’s about building rapport and relationships. If you hate to sell, keep listening, because I’ll teach you painless methods to attract and convert more premium clients and win the game of sales conversion. Whether you’re a coach, consultant, or other service professional who wants more premium clients but doesn’t enjoy the selling process, this is the podcast for you.


In this first episode, you’ll learn three key insights that are critical to making you a highly skilled ethical influencer. You’ll learn the greatest sales lesson I ever learned -- from a park bench in Los Angeles! I’ll share the time-tested sales strategy I stumbled upon in the QVC green room, and you’ll learn how Socratic selling stops embarrassing sales encounters.


In 1989, I found myself sitting devastated on a park bench in MacArthur Park , Los Angeles. 18 months before, I had started a brand new frozen yogurt shop and bakery. That day, I had watched an auctioneer sell my equipment for cents on the dollar. On my way home, I stopped in MacArthur Park and sat on that fateful bench where, to my surprise, I learned everything I needed to know about selling, persuasion, marketing, and influencing others.


While sitting on that bench, I saw an old woman buy birdseed and walk toward the pigeons holding it in the palm of her hand. What do you think the pigeons did? They walked away! They didn’t walk toward her until she started walking away from them. She repeated this dance, and I noticed the pigeons got closer and closer every time. Finally, she knelt, and a pigeon plucked birdseed from the palm of her hand. Soon, there were pigeons everywhere, eating what she was offering.


Next, a young boy wanted to achieve the same results as the woman had. He bought birdseed, held it in his hand, and ranat the pigeons. Of course, they flew away. He threw the birdseed at them in frustration, and left.


This is exactly how sales works. For the old woman, making the first “sale” was the hardest. After that, the second, third, fifth, and twentieth pigeons were easy! The dance, too, is important; you need to establish trust first. This is where the young boy failed.


A few years later, I was I was working for Guthy-Renker in the infomercial and direct sales spot TV business. I had a theory that if something worked on television, it might sell even better on one of the home shopping networks like QVC, so I flew to QVC and made a presentation for a VHS video by Ray Stevens . QVC accepted the offer of putting him on the station.


During that QVC presentation, the product sold out. More importantly, I was able to use the experience to glean valuable information on why we weren’t having any luck making sales in big cities on the coasts. You can do the same thing online, and increase sales while saving yourself embarrassment. If you find that saying a certain thing leads to sales, keep saying that thing.


Here’s a quick recap of the three main points we covered in this first episode:

The first sale takes the most effort, so work the hardest for this sale. The second sale is faster and easier, because you have a relationship. The Socratic method of disc


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