Episode 56 - Tools for Teaching Anatomy

2 minutes · 2018

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When I was going through school, I absolutely loved learning about the Human Body & specialised in remembering each of the various names of bones & muscles. My parents knew this and they bought me an interactive picture book which included interesting facts about the human body & a skeleton model which you put together and hung from your ceiling.

This love continued into my senior schooling & eventually helped me enjoy much of my undergraduate degree where we explored high level anatomy concepts on cadavers. While this was an outstanding hands on way to learn, as soon as we got outside of the anatomy labs we were stuck with the task of continuing our learning with boring textbooks. The problem was these textbooks hadn’t changed in forever and they sucked the life out of learning. & ABC

Fortunately today we have an array of options when it comes to teaching about the Human Body that bring its magic to life.


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