Improving The Business of Behavioral Health: Percy Howard, III, LCSW

28:21 · 2018

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Percy Howard joins host Kristin Walker to discuss how CiBHS is transforming the business side of behavioral healthcare. We will be podcasting from their conference The 18th Annual Behavioral Health Informatics Conference and Exposition held near San Diego, California May 2nd through 3rd, 2018. 

Percy Howard, LCSW is the President and CEO of the California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions. Over the past five years, Percy has been a key player and leader in California’s drive to implement recovery-oriented and family-directed Evidence-Based Practice. During the course of his 32 year work history, Percy has worked for County Behavioral Health and Child Welfare Systems, Private healthcare providers, Non-Profit CBOs and in Juvenile Justice Settings. This experience has served him well in his current role as a leader in one of California’s premier Training and Implementation and Systems Improvement Organizations. In his free time, Percy is a competition licensed Racing Driver as well as a singer and composer who has recorded and performed with members of Living Color, King Crimson and Guns N Roses.

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