Working In Trauma: A First Responder's Journey with Sean Conohan

1:03:53 · 2018

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Join host Kristin Walker with fellow podcaster Sean Conohan of TemaTalks. Two podcasters sharing their journey with trauma and what Sean’s experience has been being on duty as an emergency services worker. Being the first person to help other’s in pain can take its toll on anyone who chooses to be a first responder. Sean talks about his experiences. How the work finally reached a tipping point in terms of his physical and mental well-being. He also shares his journey with podcasting. Sean Conohan (formerly of Uptalk Podcast) chips away at the stigma associated with mental illness in the first responder world, one inspirational guest at a time. The #TemaTalks Podcast is brought to you by The Tema Conter Memorial Trust – Canada’s leading provider of peer support, family assistance, education and training for our emergency services, public safety, military personnel, and their families.

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