Round Table Discussions with Dr. Paul Meier: Toxic People

55 minutes · 2018

Listen to the full episode here:

Another interesting show with Dr. Paul Meier, Melanie Vann, and Kristin Walker on how to deal with toxic people (energy vampires, narcissists, etc.). We ask the questions: Are we behaving toxically? Is this a difficult time in our own lives and adding stress to the people we love? The answer can definitely be yes for everyone. For most people, however, they are loved through these times because their friends and family realize this is short term. The person is experiencing pain and has a history of going to therapy, working on their issues, and evolving into a more peaceful version of themselves. 

With some this is a life long pattern with a refusal to take responsibility for their toxic behavior. It's everyone else's fault. It's their depression or other ailments. They are allergic to being at fault and accepting wrong doing. In this case, it is necessary to step away from the relationship especially if it has become abusive. Sometimes letting them go by holding up hard boundaries is the healthiest thing you can do for your own self-care.


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