The We In Me: Understanding Dissociative Identity Disorder with Erika Reva

59 minutes · 2018

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Erika Reva is a writer and mental health speaker, who until recent years worked as a photographer. She has always been apart of the arts in some capacity. She lives with Dissociative Identity Disorder, OCD & other mental illnesses that accompany DID. Her and her parts strive to end the stigma surrounding mental illness, specifically trauma based disorders. She works with various groups and individuals on an ever growing global scale spreading awareness about DID, in an attempt to alter (only a little pun intended) the stigmatizing beliefs surrounding dissociative disorders. “It took far too long and is unfathomable to me that people, like myself, living with DID are often cast aside or re-traumatized while on their respective journeys to recovery. It’s asinine. No more!”

Now with the help of her parts and support system they’re applying their own experiences to written word and in the realm of public speaking with the goal that others living with DID will have their voices heard. She has written a seven week course, Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder, to share her experiences and the dozens of stories she has consent to share from people living with this disorder who are still not being helped or otherwise unsafe and unable to share it personally.

It is for herself, her parts and the endless number of people who reach out to her and others like her whom do speak openly and share glimpses of their lives that they created “Living DID Talks” and have now deepened the conversations and transformed these speaking engagements into a course.


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