Round Table Discussions: Privacy Violations in the Age of Social Media

42 minutes · 2018

Listen to the full episode here:

Join us for an impromtu podcast about the dangers we see in behavioral health regarding patient privacy. Stephen Kavalkavich of Rescue the Rescuer, Dr. John Huber of Mainstream Mental Health and Brian Cuban (Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Advocate and Best-Selling Author of The Addicted Lawyer) join our host, Kristin Sunanta Walker, to discuss how social media can become a nest of patient rights violations. 

Using possible examples from real life each guest dissects how one post can shame someone in a very delicate place in their lives struggling with addiction and mental health issues. What can this do to the person seeking help? How does this affect any business possibly associated with the violation of patient rights? Is there a difference between sharing a history of abuse at the hands of others and sharing information about someone's addiction?


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