Where Are We With Telebehavioral Health? Dr. Marlene Maheu

32:05 · 2018

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Dr. Marlene Maheu will be presenting at the 18th Annual Behavioral Health Informatics Conference and Exposition where our CEO is moderating discussions and podcasting. 

Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D. started delivering her first telehealth service in 1994. Donned the “telepsychology visionary” by former APA President Pat DeLeon, PhD, JD, MPH, she is a consultant, researcher, author, trainer and keynoter. Dr. Maheu has addressed more than 20,000 professionals interested in legal and ethical best practices related to telehealth and various technologies. She serves as the Executive Director of the Telebehavioral Health Institute, Inc., where she oversees the development and delivery of professional training in telebehavioral health via an eLearning platform that has served behavioral clinicians from more than 55 countries.

For more than twenty years then, Dr. Maheu’s focus has been legal and ethical risk management related to the use of technologies to better serve behavioral health clients and patients. She has served on a dozen professional association committees, task forces and work groups related advancing telebehavioral health as well as establishing standards and guidelines for telebehavioral health. She has written dozens of peer-reviewed articles and is the lead author of multiple telehealth textbooks. Her most recent challenge is the delivery of telebehavioral screening, assessment and treatment services through a new initiative known as eHealth Interactive.




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