Highly Sensitive Men: Real, Raw, and Loving with Adam Clark

55 minutes · 2018

Listen to the full episode here:

What do highly sensitive, intuitive, and empathic men think? How do they behave in the world? Why are they sometimes overlooked and misunderstood? What a great way to introduce Adam Clark who is joining our podcast network in 2018 with his own show Animals on the Mind!

We do talk about animals but the topic here is what a conversation is like with a deeply caring, high emotional I.Q., and communicative male. It's refreshing but can also be unchartered territory for some people. 

We talk about it all: romantic relationships, the current headlines around sexual harrassment, "friend zoning", friendships - no stone left unturned!

Adam Clark, LCSW, AASW is a published writer, educator, and adjunct professor at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work. Adam focuses his work on the psychology behind the human-animal bond, specializing in endings and transitions. He is passionate about reducing the cultural stigma associated with pet loss, supporting pet owners, and educating veterinary professionals. Additional information on Adam and his current projects can be found at www.lovelosstransition.com.

Adam is also a very popular writer for Psychology Today.


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