DBGM In My Mind Conference: National Association of Hispanic Nurses

19:45 · 2018

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Promoting dignified care to older adults and nursing as an opportunity to Latinos. Francisco Díaz MSN, GNP-BC , CDE  Is a member of NAHN- New York. Mr. Diaz earned both of his Bachelors of Science and Masters of Nursing Science degrees in Nursing from Columbia University where he made the Dean’s List.  He has been a full-time nurse for over 10 years and specializes in gerontology and is a certified diabetes educator.

He is passionate about addressing the cultural underpinnings of the healthcare delivery; particularly when addressing chronic morbidities, older adults, ethnic backgrounds and to individuals marginalized because of their sexual or gender orientation.

As an active member of NAHN, he promotes tirelessly the profession of nursing to Latinos and other ethnic group as a profession to offers not only financial stability; but because it offers an opportunity to the health status of their communities as well.


Twitter: @NAHN_NY

Instagram: @NAHN_NY


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