Understanding Female Libido: What Couples Need to Know with Irene Fehr

36:07 · 2018

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Irene Fehr joins us again to discuss female libido! Her own personal experience of losing her libido and ending up in a sexless marriage led her to create tools to reconnect to who she is, what she wants, and to gain the skills needed to ask for what she deeply wants — and deserves. She rediscovered her sexual fire, developed the ability to experience deep and fulfilling orgasms, and opened her heart to deeper intimacy and love than she had ever dreamed of — all of which she's here to share with you to help you have the same.

She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from the prestigious Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA and a trained sexuality coach with OneTaste. 

"I blend together a variety of modalities and extensive study of sexuality, especially women's sexuality, Orgasmic Meditation, mindfulness, positive psychology, shadow work, somatic awareness, guided visualizations, and intuitive work to help you remove blocks, rewire your system to feeling sexual desire and create new behavioral patterns that form the foundation to your thriving sex life. My ongoing studies include training in Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing work, Crucible® Neurobiological Therapy with Dr David Schnarch, Gottman Method Couples Therapy with Drs John and Julie Gottman,immersing myself in neuroscience research around behavioral change, and learning new modalities that will benefit my clients."



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