First Degree Attempted Murder Saved My Life

58:55 · 2018

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Guy "Max" Maxwell is the Program Director for Albuquerque Treatment Services in New Mexico. The program that Max directs has over 17 employees and 560 patients. Max has not always been a program director, in fact almost 30 years ago, Max was facing many charges up to and including First Degree Attempted Murder. It was on January 3rd, 1989 that Max's drug career and violent way of life would come to an end. Choices had to be made, and for change to happen, there had to be a solid foundation of recovery put in place. After many years of 12 step recovery, as well as a strong faith in God, and the help of numerous people, Max uses his past to help others realize that they don't have to go down as far as he did before they reach out for help. His goal is to be there for someone in their worst moment, without judgement.


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