The Overweight Brain with Dr. Lois Holzman

37 minutes · 2018

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Dr. Lois Holzman is a highly respected scholar and teacher who is pioneering a cultural approach to human learning

and development rooted in the human capacity to perform, play and pretend. Author The Overweight Brain (How Our Obsession with Knowing Keeps Us from Getting Smart Enough to Make a Better World),  she has helped bring and deepen the insights and discoveries of Lev Vygotsky to the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, education, youth development and organizational and community development, all while creating a new methodology for learning and development known as social therapeutics.


A chief organizer of an emerging international movement of ‘performance activists,’ Dr. Holzman is an outspoken advocate for reintroducing play and creativity to advance emotional growth, educational reform and social and organizational change. She is also founder and director of an activist think tank, the East Side Institute.

If you would like to learn more about the East Side Institute and its approach, or would like to be in touch with Dr. Holzman, contact Mary Fridley, Director of Special Projects at


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