BestSelf Behavioral Health with Dr. Howard Hitzel

30 minutes · 2018

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Howard K. Hitzel, Psy.D., MPA is a licensed psychologist and President/CEO of BestSelf Behavioral Health, Inc. in Buffalo, New York. BestSelf Behavioral Health is a nonprofit organization which provides comprehensive, family oriented treatment and rehabilitation services to children and adults with mental illnesses and/or substance abuse disorders.

BestSelf Behavioral Health is the product of a June 1, 2017 merger between the former Child and Adolescent Treatment Services and Lake Shore Behavioral Health. The organization employs more than 700 staff and has an operating budget of approximately $35 million. BestSelf Behavioral Health is the largest community-based behavioral health organization serving children and adults of all ages in Western New York and served more than 20,000 consumers in 2016.  

Radhika Iyer joins us as cohost and is an EHR consultant with our sponsor organization everythingEHR. She is also spearheading our Mental Health Conference initiative with universities and colleges cross the globe. She is an attorney and seasoned healthcare consultant in healthcare law, regulatory compliance, executive oversight, project managment, Meaningful Use, and HIPAA.


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