Family Dynamics Getting Your Goat? Scapegoating with Glynis Sherwood

42 minutes · 2018

Listen to the full episode here:

Join Glynis Sherwood and host Kristin Walker for a discussion about scapegoating. Glynis Sherwood, MED, is a Counselling Therapist and Author who helps people around the world overcome childhood emotional abuse and neglect - including family scapegoating - that manifests as low self worth, unresolved trauma, identity confusion, relationship difficulties, attachment problems, chronic grief, inappropriate guilt and shame.  Harnessing the power of Video and Blogging, Glynis provides services to English speakers across the globe.  Well versed in many effective models of individual therapy, Glynis also has a solid background in developmental and attachment models of couples counselling, having completed training with the Couples Institute in California.


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