The Struggle is Real: Modern Parenting with Dr. Alicia La Hoz

35:31 · 2018

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Throwing temper tantrums. Truancy. Substance Abuse. Breaking expensive things. Going over data limits. Sound familiar? At one point or another, you'll have to face an uncooperative child and attempt to bend him or her to your will. That's when you know that the struggle is real. As a 21st century parent, you try to figure out which tactics to use out of the many you've heard of, including those shared by your parents, your friends and parenting experts. At this point, you'll try almost anything. Drs. Paul Meier and Alicia La Hoz understand the struggle of raising holistic children while taking into account their development, personality, and social and emotional growth. In this book, they share insights based on research and theology to help you: Raise confident children. Think of this book as a guide for navigating through your toddler's, teenager's or young adult's emotions and behaviors.

Dr. Alicia La Hoz is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Founder and Executive Director of Family Bridges. Dr. La Hoz has worked with the Latino community in the Chicagoland area in collaborative and community efforts developing and coordinating Family Bridges comprehensive marriage and relationship programs serving approximately 10,000 persons annually.


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