Scared to Snooze? A Look at Sleep Paralysis with Baland Jalal

42:47 · 2018

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Baland Jalal is a neuroscientist at Cambridge University, Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine. He has previously been a Research Fellow at Harvard University and a Visiting Scholar at the University of California at San Diego. He has worked with the renowned neuroscientist VS Ramachandran (TIME magazine 100 most influential people in the world) since 2012.  

His work has been featured widely in the international press (USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Italy, Spain, Australia, Portugal, Greece, Brazil, Romania, China, Czechoslovakia, Mexico, Chile, Honduras, Venezuela, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cyprus, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Polen, Ukrainian, Estonia, Japan, Jordan, India, Singapore etc.), including The Today Show, The Guardian, New York Magazine, Prevention Magazine, Self Magazine, Fox News, Discovery, New Scientist, Discover Magazine, VICE, Science Daily, International Business Times, YAHOO!, The Times of India, Fusion, Business Insider, Daily Mail and  many more. He was listed on the media outlet Van Winkle’s  “15 Most Interesting People in Sleep” (list of researchers, writers, and cultural figures).

Baland Jalal’s research focuses on neuropsychiatry and cognitive neuroscience. He is an expert on sleep paralysis and has explored this phenomenon in various countries around the world, including USA, Denmark, Egypt, Italy and Turkey. He recently designed one of the first ever treatments for sleep paralysis called Meditation-Relaxation Therapy, or MR Therapy for short. Moreover, with Devon E. Hinton, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, he has designed and co-authored a mindfulness-based CBT (transdiagnostic) treatment manual for patients suffering from anxiety and mood disorders.


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