Sam Webb Livin As A Mental Health Ambassador

29 minutes · 2018

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Our friend and fellow mental health advocate, Sam Webb, joins our host Kristin Sunanta Walker for a discussion about what it's like to build an organization and have your life totally focused on Mental Wellness. 

Sam Webb is from Sydney, Australia. Sam has appeared on a number of TV commercials and was also a contestant on a reality TV show for boxing. Sam spent some of his time living in St Louis MO, where he worked as a banker after graduating with a finance and accounting degree in 2012. After his return to Australia in 2013, Sam Co-founded the charity organization- LIVIN ( after the death of his good friend to suicide. Using an innovative approach to smashing the stigma on mental illness Sam and his partner Casey are now distributing their fashion line internationally that promotes the mantra, “It Ain’t weak To Speak”.

Sam has been both a loss survivor and a sufferer of mental illness. Having lost some of his family and many friends to suicide, Sam knows all too well the impact that suicide and mental illness has on the people around them. He now speaks internationally where he shares his experiences and delivers his approach for living a happier and healthier life one day at a time.


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