DBGM In My Mind Conference: Mental Health in LGBTQI+ and Caribbean Communities

37:04 · 2018

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Dr. Rhone Fraser is an independent writer and journalist born of Jamaican immigrants in Brooklyn, New York, on October 12, 1979. He earned his Ph.D. in African American Studies from Temple as of August 31, 2012. His dissertation was a literary and historical analysis of Pauline Hopkins, A. Philip Randolph and Paul Robeson. His dissertation adviser is the 2017 Pulitzer Prize winner in History, Dr. Heather Ann Thompson.  He is an historical dramatist of five works, most recently, The Original Mrs. Garvey.  He has published in the Third World Press, CLA Journal, Callaloo, and most recently the Caribbean Quarterly. 

Dr. Fraser is one of the presenters at In My Mind: An LGBTQI+ People of Color Mental Health Conference. 



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