Minority Mental Health Awareness with Dr. Sheila D. Williams

29:51 · 2018

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Dr. Sheila Williams has  over  25  years  of  successful  professional  experience. Her expertise   is   very   extensive  as   she is   CEO of SW Consulting Services,  LLC,  a  Mental  Health  Therapist,  Published  Author , Empowerment Speaker and  Media Personality.  She  has  an  extensive  educational  background  as  she   holds  a   BA   in   Psychology   with   a   minor   in   Sociology,   an   MA   in   Counseling,   and   a   Ph.D.   in  Leadership  and  Education.  

After   caring   for   her   Mother   who   suffered   from   Clinical   Depression   and   Multiple  Sclerosis,  Dr.  Williams decided to  pursue  her  education  and  career  in  the  Mental  Health   field.   Her autobiography, ‘My Mother’s  Keeper’  gives  you a very up close and personal look  into  her  life,  the  mystery,  the  challenges and  the  truth  behind  what  motivated  Dr. Williams  to  persevere  and  accomplish  all  the  things  she has  set  out  to do; and she’s just beginning.  



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