You Can't Fake the Funk: James Lott, Jr. and Kristin Sunanta Walker

49:14 · 2018

Listen to the full episode here:

What on earth can we write about James Lott, Jr.? Witty, charming, warm, funny, charismatic - but the man knows. He knows what's up. Probably one of our most enjoyable podcasts with a fellow podcaster! Who introduced him to us? The great connector, Dr. Cali Estes. 

James is an artist, a writer, a television host, a podcast host, a professional organizationer, coach and so much more. He knows the ins and outs of the entertainment world and STILL laughs from his belly. This was a fun show where we stole his line, "You just can't fake the funk!"

For more about James visit any of the amazing places below:

James Lott, Jr. AFIS CNA CTACC The Super Organizer LLC 213.309.3685 @blakhopela @thesupero @alottinla


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