Beauty From His Ashes: Losing My Son to Heroin with Trisha Grose

10:15 · 2018

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Trisha Grose, author, public speaker,  and real estate agent at Spirit Bear Realty in Colorado. Ms. Grose is currently completing this book with the support and love of her family, friends, and co-workers.  Her book, Beauty From His Ashes, is about being a parent of a teen addicted to Heroin, the struggles associated with Brendan’s recovery, the holes in our system for caring for these children, and the grief of losing God’s most precious gift – a child.

Trisha joins us LIVE at the Navigating the World of Addiction conference in Littleton, Colorado. She was one of the keynote presenters for this intimate and incredible FREE conference put on by Mr. Rob Lohman.


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