Deconstructing Stigma: Amy Cerel Shares Her Journey with Postpartum Depression

30:57 · 2018

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Amy Cerel is a 57 year old wife and proud mom of 2 young men ages 22 and 18.  She began her family after earning an MSW and MBA, and embarking on a successful career as a clinical social worker and organizational consultant.  She suffered a postpartum depression following the birth of her first child, and with the support of wonderful family and an outstanding physician, sought and received the appropriate treatment for her illness.  She chose to stay on her treatment course and did not relapse following the birth of her second child.  While raising her sons she returned to work part time, as she continues to do now that her sons are grown.  She volunteered to participate in McLean Hospital's public awareness campaign, Deconstructing Stigma, to raise awareness that postpartum depression is an illness to be treated and not a character flaw or judgment on one's ability to be a mother and love her children.  Today she is actively involved in her local community outreach efforts to support organizations that assist the most vulnerable populations at physical and emotional risk.


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