Enthusiastic Recovery: An Interview with Bill Prasad of Lifeway International

45:26 · 2018

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Bill Prasad, LPC-S, LCDC, Certified Trauma Counselor is the Vice President of Clinical Programs for Lifeway International where he drives clinical operations and builds high performance teams. As an L-P-C Supervisor and L-C-D-C he also works as a therapist for Contemporary Medicine Associates where he treats people who are challenged by trauma, addiction, depression and anxiety. He has worked as a Director of Intake, outpatient/Inpatient services for two Houston psychiatric hospitals. He is also a certified trainer of group C-I-S-M response and has run on calls including the Navy Yard shootings in Washington which resulted in 12 people being gunned down in the workplace. Before moving to Houston, Bill directed a behavior health program for Fairfax County Fire and Rescue in Virginia where he worked closely with law enforcement and firefighters. Also, he worked as an EAP counselor for Raytheon and the Office of Naval Intelligence in Maryland. Bill has post graduate certifications in leadership from the University of Houston-Downtown and in the treatment of psychological trauma from Johns Hopkins University. He has a Master’s Degrees in counseling psychology and in the study of religions and ethnic conflict. He lives with his wife in Houston. His hobbies including teaching spin, scuba diving and having his heart broken each football season by the Philadelphia Eagles.



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