Navigating The World of Addiction: Lifted From The Rut with Rob Lohman

58 minutes · 2018

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Rob Lohman is the Founder of Lifted From The Rut. Rob is an Interventionist and Addiction Recovery Coach. Since his sobriety date of June 8, 2001, Rob has learned a great deal about trials and believing that there is a great blessing on the other side of each trial….even though some of the trials of life can seem hopeless at times. When He went from hating the image in the mirror, to loving the image and the potential within, a huge paradigm shift happened. 

Rob has definitely made errors in sobriety, but it is in those life lessons he discovered his calling to help others regain the hope in themselves that they too were created for a great purpose in life. To restore hope in others and to help lift them from their life ruts that seem to have stolen their confidence in who they are. Rob says “God does not make junk!”

As a father of two precious children, the husband of an amazing woman who chose me to be her life partner, a committed man to follow God’s leading in his life, and believer that anyone can change their path in life to discover and become their best, Rob is committing his life to help others love themselves again through this journey called Lifted From the Rut!

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