29:04 · 2018

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Three Keys from this Episode

• How to save money building your email list by only paying for valid data
• Unverified data can cause your email service provider to suspend your account, or worse yet, cancel your account.
• Cleaning your company data and email lists will improve deliverability and sender reputation.

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Meet Krista Barrack from Xverify

Krista is a senior account manager for a company named Xverify, they’re part of VCN Media. They specialize in email deliverability. They do this by verifying your data. They help digital marketers improve communications with their customers through instant data verification. Their tools include email address verification in milliseconds that eliminate hard bounces, reduce SPAM complaints, prevent typos and minimize fraud. Now, Krista has had a passion for technology for most of her life and she started even at the age of 13 teaching herself HTML so she could build websites because she thought that was a fun pastime. She’s worked in the data verification technology business with Xverify from the ground up and enjoys the challenges and the many changes in the industry as they come along.

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