A Round Table Discussion With The Clinical Directors At Meier Clinics

54 minutes · 2018

Join The Clinical Christian Podcast as they record their first Round table Discussion with the Clinical Directors from various locations. MHNR's host Kristin Walker and Program Director, Melanie Vann, do weekly Roundtable Discussions with Dr. Paul Meier, founder of Meier Clinics. These shows are wildly popular among  listeners so don't miss these sister shows that will occur quarterly. For the first epidsode Lilla Marie, a masters level clinician at the Washington State Clinic, host a discussion with Joanne Crough, MA, LPC from the Pennsylvania Clinic,  Brad Kahle, PsyD from the Illinois Clinic, Kyle Pontius, PhD from the Califormia Clinic, Kim Hill PhD from the Arizona Clinic, and Angie Witman LCP, LCMFT from the Kansas Clinic. They discuss common false beliefs held by Christians about psychotherapy, biblical concepts that support counseling and therapy, and most insterstingly their own journies to becoming clinicians. They give insight into how they join their faith and counseling as well as share their personal stories about what keeps them so dedicated. They also have an interesting dialogue about how geography can effect belief systems about counseling and Christianity.




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