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In 1998, Chris Zaino was living a dream. He had won Mr. America, had a BS degree, was on magazine covers, was a personal trainer for Universal Studios Florida and was married to his wife, Whitney. Life was good.
Despite his successes, Chris’ health was going downhill fast. He developed a digestive disorder, going to the bathroom 10-15 times a day, bleeding. He tried to keep it a secret until after lost his bowels in public one day, in a department store, he finally had to tell his wife what was happening.
Diagnosed with an incurable, terminal, autoimmune disease, Chris went from 230 lbs to 158 lbs in just 4 months. His only option with hope was to have his entire colon removed, followed by a regimen of expensive prescription drugs for the rest of his life. Just before surgery, he ran into his high school anatomy teacher, who invited him to meet his wellness doctor, learning from him how the body heals. In only 7 months time, his body had healed itself from a diagnosed, incurable, terminal disease.
Chris went on to get his Doctorate in Chiropractic medicine, starting his own wellness clinic in 2005, going on to become the largest clinic in history, seeing over 2,800 patients per week. By comparison, an average office sees around 100!
Even with all his success and accomplishments, including his beautiful wife and sons, winning Mr. Universe in 2016, becoming an IFBB pro competitor and helping thousands of people, he was struggling – depressed and burned out. Something was missing. He realized that the qualities he wanted for himself – to be admired and achieve great things – had become lost. In looking it up, the qualities he was looking for in himself were finally defined – a HERO. He had taken on a Secret Identity, based on what he did for a living, not who he was destined to be.
Chris embraced his Hero and created his 4-step “Hero Rises” Methodology: 1) Embracing the Hero mindset 2) Maximize your Super Powers 3) Choose your vehicle of Influence 4) Monetize your message for the survival of your Legacy.
Through his programs, Chris helps people to wake up and connect to their greatness, genius and buried hero. He will soon release his digital course, “I Am Hero Project.”
Tune in to hear Dr. Zaino chat with Steve, Mary, and Richard about breaking free from your secret identity and finding true fulfillment.

In This Episode

1998 Mr America, 2016 Mr Universe

He’s now 213 pounds and 9% body fat

Dave was his first hero who put a weight system in place

He started working out at 12

Went to Florida State University where he started taking steroids

The library is the best place to pick up girls

He met his wife at 26

Bloody stools multiple times a day bring concern

He shit his pants in public and decided to give it attention

Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis

The Western medicine journey to healing, or not healing

What he learned from his high school anatomy teacher

You have to go on gut instinct

How he built the largest chiropractic facility

He had it all, but something was off

Living another life while grieving his potential

He now resurrects healers

What’s next for Chris Zaino



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