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Adam Schaeuble was only in his 20’s, but at 327 pounds, he was already having serious health issues related to his weight. He was $40,000 in debt and had lost his direction in life. His health issues were a catalyst for change. He began overhauling his lifestyle and fitness goals and ultimately lost over 100 pounds.
To reach his goals, Adam created his “Lifestyle Rehabilitation Statement” and mapped out every goal he wanted to achieve for the next 5 years. He set goals for business, health, wealth, and relationships and achieved EVERY goal he put on his Lifestyle Rehabilitation Statement, although he was 8 days late on his deadline to open his 8,000 square foot fitness facility…
Using the knowledge he gleaned from his experiences, Adam, a/k/a, The PHD (Previously Heavy Dude), created a successful bootcamp program that produced over 35,000 lbs of results in his hometown of Bloomington, Indiana.
The success of his bootcamp program inspired Adam to go even further than his hometown and make a bigger impact. He started the “Million Pound Mission” Podcast in conjunction with his coaching programs, and the Million Pound Mission Bootcamp, with a goal of inspiring over one million pounds of healthy results. They are tracking the number on their website, with people donating their weight loss. They are now over 5% of the way to the goal. He is also the host of “The TransformationCoach.Me”, podcast where he dives into his best transformation tips and strategies.
Tune in to hear Adam chat with Steve, Mary, and Richard about letting go of weight gain guilt, setting goals and sticking to them.

In This Episode

He weighed 330 pounds at 27 years old
Is a food addiction genetic?
He hit rock bottom at the grocery store
What the movie “The Secret” did for his life
He missed one goal in five years by seven days
What opening his own fitness center revealed to him
PHD – Previously Heavy Dude
I can find a big ass pair of pants
The makings of The Million Pound Mission in his hometown
The black hole of fitness doom
Four components of weight loss
A zero percent success rate with those who are gifted programs
The mistakes people are making with weight loss
The New Media Summit Effect is real!
Why people ought to come to New Media Summit
Country boy that hasn’t listened to a country song
Steve and Adam sing along
52,900 pounds and counting!



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