Episode 022: How to Communicate so That People “Feel Heard”

14:11 · 2018

(Devi Download) How to Communicate so That People "Feel Heard": In this episode of Spiritual Entrepreneur, Devi Adea addresses how to have people "feel heard" in conversation.  If you have been in any type of relationship in your life, business related or personal, it is likely that at some point during that connection you or someone that you are relating to will not "feel heard". Devi shares a couple of techniques to help with this: The "echo" or "repeat" technique for helping someone else "feel heard" The "broken record" technique to help you to "feel heard" Then Devi shares a few "soulful" spiritual techniques of communicating so that each person feels loved, heard and appreciated. She shares: How to use intention to create a different outcome and experience from your conversations How to have a "soul to soul" conversation through meditation How to communicate with your own soul using this type of "soul to soul" conversation With all of the distractions in our lives that pull our focus, it is so easy to become unconscious in our relationships and conversations.  In this episode, Devi reminds us that we have the power to create powerful, intentional and loving communication so that everyone feels loved, heard, appreciated. You can learn more about Devi and her work, at her main website:  deviadea.com


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