Dov Baron’s Pursuing Deep Greatness Episode 6 “The Courage to Lead”

22:49 · 2018

Dov Baron's Pursuing Deep Greatness Episode 6: "Truth, Lies and the Courage to Lead"
The sixth episode in an 11 part series that explores the latent greatness that lays within us all.
Episode 6: "The Courage to Lead!

The reason Real Leadership is so rare is that it takes great Courage. It's from tapping into our Deep Greatness that we find that courage.

What if You remembered a deep truth that you were trained to forget? What would happen to the quality of your life if you discovered that you are not 'inadequate', that there is in fact nothing you need to get or be in order for you to be and operate as whole... What lies would you have to allow to simply die?

When you embrace this truth it will remove any and all the barriers to who you truly are, what you most deeply want and let you tap into your Deep Greatness!

We are told to behave, be nice and get along. The result is we become ordinary. But ordinary is not the truth of who you are. Who you truly are is extraordinary.

Within each of us lays something more powerful than we have ever imaged. This something has been there since you entered this world, but everything and everyone around you has shushed it, and made you believe that it was a fantasy, a lie, some kind of illusion. But what if "it" is the truth of who you are?

What if it's the "Deep Greatness" within you that has always been waiting for you to claim it, to own it, so that you can do what you came here to do.

Deep Greatness is your destiny, and this series is designed to assist you in not only tapping into it, but neutering it.
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