What Is "Self-Serving" Benevolence?

29 minutes · 2018

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Let me share with you the true story of my mentor, Michael. He was a Princeton honor student and is fluent in many language, but he has overcome obstacles of his own. He faced three disasters: the deaths of his mother, father, and brother within a close time period. Imagine how traumatic that must be.

Michael met a gentleman of Indian descent while he was at Princeton, and decided to fly to India to meet this gentleman and get a deeper insight into why so much of his family died. When he landed in India, he couldn’t find the man he was looking for. Instead, he found a taxi driver who had a room for rent in his family home. Michael rented the room, and asked the taxi driver where he could find Buddhists. The taxi driver looked at his watch and said, “You’re about a thousand years too late.”

Not surprisingly, Michael wasn’t very happy. He ended up going north to Tibet to study, and got his teaching degree (as well as learning the Tibetan language). Michael came back to New Jersey and continued studying in the same Buddhist tradition there. His guide told him to go to New York and start a diamond business. Michael grew his business very quickly using the four laws of karma, which you’ll learn today!

The first law of karma is the law of expansion, which means that everything big was once small and takes time to grow. The second law is the law of likeness, which means that you can’t take an apple seed, plant it, and have it grow into a pear seed, nor can a human reproduce and create a dog. The third law is the law of effect, which is that every cause has an effect. Finally, there is the law of cause, which says that every effect has a cause. Tune in to learn how these function, how they can lead you to business success, and much more!


In This Episode:

[02:44] - In today’s episode, Alex will cover three key insights into becoming a highly skilled ethical influencer. He explains what these are.

[05:58] - Alex shares the story of his mentor, Michael.

[08:39] - We hear about Michael’s reaction to his taxi driver telling him that he’s a thousand years too late.

[11:34] - After studying in Tibet, Michael came back to New Jersey. We learn what happened next.

[15:04] - Alex explores the four laws of karma.

[17:50] - The four karmic marketing segments are how Alex built his premium business, he explains.

[18:41] - Alex offers a visual metaphor to help listeners understand the principles he’s talking about. He then talks about self-serving benevolence.

[23:39] - We learn about how Alex sets an intention when he’s practicing self-serving benevolence.

[25:14] - Alex recaps and reviews the insights that he has covered in today’s episode.

[26:28] - Alex just finished the benevolent part of the episode (teaching you these insights) so it’s time for the self-serving part! Please head to this link , and leave your biggest takeaway from this episode as a review.

[27:30] - Are you ready for more of Alex’s wisdom? You’re in luck! In honor of this episode, you can have a completely free copy of his book Alexisms ! Tune into the episode to learn how to get yours.


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