Episode 067: Evaluating Your Values

11:04 · 2018

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(Devi Download) Evaluating Your Values.  In this episode, Devi presences the importance evaluating your values in your life & business as a Spiritual Entrepreneur.  You'll often hear of evaluating the value of a company or enterprise, but when was the last time that you evaluated your values? 

Your values and how you speak to and align with your client's values will greatly affect the market value of your company.

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Dr Demartini’s Episode: http://spiritualentrepreneur.com/episode-065-evolve-your-consciousness-with-dr-john-demartini/ Values assessment on their site @ https://drdemartini.com/values/

Carl Hick’s episode: http://spiritualentrepreneur.com/episode-011-devi-adea-chats-with-carl-hicks-ph-d/ Birkman Assessment from the Growth Group: http://www.thehicksfix.com/strategic-connections/

DISC Values Assessment: https://discinsights.com/values-style-assessment.html/?SID=98ktces384scbkmtrbd9jipf45

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