What Is Social Media Dependency and Is It a Disorder?

38 minutes · 2018

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Is social media dependency a disorder? What is it exactly? Join the host of The Social Networking Effect, Jonathan Bertrand, and Kristin Sunanta Walker.

Jonathan Bertrand is the founder of The Global Touch Foundation. He is pioneering “Social Media Awareness” through a curriculum using a broad overview of Social Media and how it applies to everyday life. Major theoretical perspectives and concepts are addressed, including sociological imagination, culture impact of social media, deviance, inequality when social status is applied, social media change, and social structure and laws. Students will also explore the influence of social media, social media businesses, and their purposes, while gaining an understanding of how these intuitions impact, churches, education, healthcare, government, economy, the environment, and other aspects of daily life. Social media as a social structure is also examined.


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