Trash From The Past

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Trash From The Past

29:05 · 2018

Episode 299

In this episode, I thought I would share some of the craziest real estate stories that have happened to me on some of my real estate deals in the last fifteen plus years. We had our Fast Track training in Austin, Texas with great people. We had Eric Hyde, Gail Villanueva, Wiley Gregs, we had Dominic, we had Joe Kennedy, we had Joe Tomko and we had Scott Brown joined us as well. We had a really good group come and spend a couple of days with us. We had to talk about some of the craziest stories that had happened to us over the last few years. This would be a great podcast episode of talking about some of that stuff that has happened to us that has kept us going or things that did not deter us from finding success.


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