Five Lessons Learned

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Five Lessons Learned

31:02 · 2018

Episode 300

We’ve got some great things to talk about. Some stuff that I have learned over the last 300 episodes. What are some of the biggest lessons that you have learned over the last 300 episodes? We have covered a lot. We’ve had some amazing speakers. I wanted to start off with just simply thanking all of our past guests who have been on. All our speakers, all the students, all of our vendors that have made appearances. I had to give a big shout out to our sponsors, Quest IRA, Laughlin Associates. I could not do it without those big companies making this happen. I was thinking back about what I’ve offered and discussed and I’m surprised. I thought we would make this show about our students because I offered this up on Facebook, “If you need help, let’s do some live phone calls. If you have any issues or problems or you need some one-on-one coaching, let’s do it live.” Nobody reached out to me.

We just keep rock and rolling. I have to give a big shout out also to some of our guest hosts that took the reigns over while I was out traveling. That’s important for us to get to where we need to be. It also allows for us to stay consistent in our tribe’s lives. I jotted down five big things that I have learned. We started this idea back in late October of 2016. I remember I was watching a Kevin Harrington video from Shark Tank. I’ve seen him speak a couple times, always a dynamic speaker. I remember him talking about how he first used video in his businesses. It helped with QVC and a lot of those other things to sell things. I was like, “I don’t really want to sell things on video.” We’ve been doing a lot of webinars, doing a lot of live stream in our workshops. I heard somebody mention the whole aspect of just the daily touch, the daily communication with your tribe, just staying in touch. That’s what ultimately the Note Closer’s Show started off doing, it was just going to be a Facebook Live.


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