Blame Me For Your Failures

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Blame Me For Your Failures

39:16 · 2018

Episode 293

It’s absolutely just great to be back. I’m feeling a little bit more myself after sleeping off the jet lag from being gone for three weeks in Europe. It’s about six hours difference between here in Austin, Texas and there in London. In Spain, Paris, Italy, it was seven hours ahead. Coming back across the ocean is not so bad. I felt for a lot of our crew members and the staff of the cruise ship because they had just had a transatlantic cruise so they were losing hour everyday as they are moving across the board.

I’m excited to be with you guys here. I’ve got some great stuff to talk about here on the Note Closers Show podcast. Whenever you’re gone for a couple of weeks, you’ve always got a lot of stuff to take care of once you get back and get rocking and rolling. I want to get into the office and tackle some of the things that I slipped a little bit in the last three weeks. Some of the stuff, just emails alone is worth knocking on a big chunk of it. I’m wanting to get back, knock that stuff out. Just getting a better rapport. Some of the things that we didn’t work on for three weeks while we’re gone are asset updates, talking to our servicer or talking with our Singer Law Group on our special servicing and stuff like that. Definitely a great thing to talk about.

This topic is one that everybody has, and I want you to think for a second here. I want you to blame me. We all have different types of success, good stuff, bad stuff, but you know what, blame me for your lack of success. Go ahead and blame me for you not taking the action, for you not making any offers, for you not doing the market, just go ahead and blame me. It’s all right. You’re looking for somebody to blame for not having success in this real estate. Here we’re looking for somebody to bitch and moan about, “I can’t do it because I’m not Scott Carson or I’m not Scott Carson, so I can’t do videos, or I can’t write an email because I’m not Scott Carson.” I don’t give a shit.


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