Money Mondays with Quest IRA - ESA's

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Money Mondays with Quest IRA - ESA's

39:44 · 2018

Episode 275

We have our Money Monday ladies from Quest IRA join us on this episode. Glad to have you both here, Anne Marie and Ingrid. How’s it going?

Always happy to be here.

Glad to have you guys too. It’s hard to believe it’s May already.

Halfway through.

I look at my calendar, I’m like, “What did I get done?” I look back, it has been crazy. I know it’s the same way with you as well, with everything you got going on, events and the changes that you are tweaking a little bit there for all your events. When you think about May, I think about high school graduations, college graduations. People are starting thinking about that. We’ll talk a little about ESAs, Educational Savings Account, a little bit. Anne Marie and Ingrid, why don’t you tell us a little bit about some of the upcoming events here that are going on with Quest IRA?

One of the biggest ones that we have coming up this month is in Houston at Rockefeller’s, which is in the Heights. It’s a cool, historic old bank that’s been turned into an upscale event venue. We’ve rented it out and we’re going to be having a casino night. You can come out. You can play blackjack, poker, crap, and roulette. We’re in Texas, right on the money side. You’ll play with some fake money. You’ll be able to exchange that for raffle tickets and possibly win some cool prizes, ranging from things like iPads all the way up to educational types of things.

You’ll do some networking and all that good stuff. We’ll have some food and drinks. The best part of all is that we’re going to be donating 20% of the profits to the Houston Area Parkinson’s Society. We’ve got a rep from their organization that’s going to be coming out on the night as well. Quincy, the President and Founder of Quest, publicly announced that he has Parkinson’s. We wanted to do something to give back to that organization and help the cause. We’re excited. Tickets are only $25, it’s affordable. It will be a fun night. It’s an upscale event and we’re giving back while we’re doing it, so it would be good.


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