Leveraging Events To Grow Your Note Business

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Leveraging Events To Grow Your Note Business

33:52 · 2018

Episode 264

One of the great things that I want to share with you is how you can leverage live events where there’s a small meet up or a big event like a conference to grow your business. My business has dramatically changed in the last eight years in a good, positive way. Traveling across the country for two years, three years straight will definitely drive a lot of traffic to you and help build a following for you. I don’t expect you to do that. We all go to a lot of events. We go to a lot of conferences, summits, expos, and note camps. How do you leverage an event to help you push your business in the stratosphere and how take it to the next level? How do you set yourself apart from everybody else that has had an event to be a little bit different?

I’ll give you an example in some of the things that I did. This goes back to the 2010 NoteWorthy Summit, when it was NoteWorthy, not the work-mutated creature it’s become with the NoteWorthy Investment Summit. There were about 800 people there. This one was held at the Palms Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. It was my first time out there. I’d heard about NoteWorthy beforehand. I knew some investors that were going, had gone to it and spoke at it. This the first time I was going to that event and so I was pretty stoked. I was just going to listen, going to attend. I was just an average Joe in the crowd. I remember driving to the airport and Jack Sternberg called me. Jack used to be the runner or the guy that ran that for 29 to 30 years. When he talked, he was like, “I wondered if we maybe have you speak, but I can give you a discounted ticket.” I’m like, “I’ll take a discounted ticket. Who wouldn’t want that?” I took the discounted ticket, I fly out there. I’m an average guy sitting in the crowd. I was going there listening and talking. I leverage it because I met a bunch of people. I grabbed as many business cards as I could that year to help my business.

There was one key point in that NoteWorthy convention. I leveraged that and that helped me over the next twelve years. I like going to events where I’m doing something so I can maybe learn a tip or two. I don’t like to go stand in the hallway and network that much. I’ve heard everybody speak for a couple of times, but if there’s somebody new, I try to go listen to them because I can always learn something. NoteWorthy, there are many people that are listening. There are also a lot of people that stay in the hallway, network, and not do anything. A lot of conferences are that way. It’s good, but it’s also a distraction because it’s rude to the actual speakers. People are hanging around and outside and it’s rude to the people inside the rooms because they can hear you speaking. If you’re not talking to a vendor, don’t be sitting in the hallway. Go into the rooms and talk or listen to speakers. That’s what they’re there for and that’s what the attraction is.


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